Want to live 10 years longer and preserve your memory?

Add 10 years to your life – and keep your memory

Spend Time with Others

Researchers have found that having even one close friend that you confide in can extend your life by as much as 10 years,  a Harvard School of Public Health study found evidence that older Americans that volunteered frequently, were married or had a long-term relationship and socialised frequently with children and neighbours had delayed memory loss.

While research shows having friends helps your mood and memory, why does it? Some researchers think diminishing stress, positive peer pressure and emotional support play a big part. Together, friends encourage healthier life habits like eating better or working out.

How to be More Social

Even if you’re not an extrovert, making friends comes down to you making the first move.

  • Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know well, or have never met, and ask them about their job, family, and hobbies.
  • If they reciprocate an interest in chatting and getting to know you, see what your common interests are. Find a common ground and ask if they’d like to join you in the yoga class (for example) you attend. Even asking if they’d like to meet for coffee soon makes it known that you’d like to talk again.
  • Start new hobbies or sports to meet new people.
  • When talking to someone, listen carefully and show genuine interest in learning about them.

Everyday life, work and responsibilities get in the way easily when you’re trying to maintain a friendship. In today’s world, simply show your appreciation by sending a text or leaving a voicemail to let your friend know you’re thinking about them. You may also want to go the extra step by sending them a handwritten card in the mail. Make sure that even when you don’t have time to talk or hang out together, that you cherish your bond with them.socialising-on-a-budget socialising-with-friends

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