The overflowing bathtub

While the bathtub overflows and conventional Medicine mops up (with fewer and fewer NHS mops) Lifestyle Medicine is about fixing the leaking tap too. If the basics of Lifestyle as Medicine were adopted there would be an 80% reduction in premature death from heart disease, 90% reduction in diabetes and 60% reduction in cancer in our population. The levers of our destiny lie with our fingers (don’t smoke), our forks (eat mainly unprocessed and plant food) and our feet (keep active). We all have someone we know and love who suffers these diseases – so why are we letting it happen when we know what to do about it? Those of us in Lifestyle Medicine cannot be heard above the noise but we must persist until we are heard loud and clear.
I have been alarmed to read that the Medical profession has proponents of a polypill (containing 4 drugs) for all folk over aged 55 years to prevent heart disease. Utter madness and very much a first world response to a man-made crisis which can be addressed safely and effectively if there was a collective will.
Thomas Edison 2

Lifestyle Med

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