Statins in the water supply next?

NICE in England is suggesting healthy people  should be offered Statin drugs to ‘prevent’ heart attacks and strokes.  See link below.

CORE HEALTH promotes a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease and illness- everyone benefits almost immediately from even small changes. 

In the case of Statin drugs – for low risk patients aged 60 and over, 450 people would need to be treated in order to prevent a single non-fatal cardiovascular event like a heart attack or stroke.  Up to 5000 people would have to be treated to prevent a fatal vascular event.  And what about potential drug harms?  There are plenty – including increasing the risk of developing diabetes and muscular aches and pains.  The fact is all drugs are potential poisons and have to be treated with utmost care – and used only where there is no other safe choice and the user understands the risks and benefits.

A million people are admitted annually to hospital in the UK due to adverse prescription drug events – and at least 10,000 die.  In the USA iatrogenic disease (includes adverse drug reactions) is the third biggest killer.

My profession should be about alleviating suffering and preserving quality of life.  Asking healthy people to take prescribed drugs is not justified when there are other better safer options.

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