Sleep duration recommendations

New recommendations for sleep duration

Sleep, especially inadequate sleep, is a determinant of disease in its own right.

Sleeping child

It is well known that adequate sleep is important for health. But how much sleep a person needs depends on age, the individual, etc. A multi-disciplinary expert panel from the National Sleep Foundation in the USA has now issued new recommendations for sleep ranges for different age groups. The recommended ranges were published in “Sleep Health: The Official Journal of the National Sleep Foundation”.

The recommendations include a specific range for each age group, which is considered to be ideal. Additionally, they also include a widened duration, which may be suitable and adequate for some people, as well as the number of hours one should not fall below or exceed. Compared to the previous guidelines, the recommended range was increased for most age groups.

For newborns (up to three months) a daily sleep duration of 14 to 17 hours are recommended, for infants (four to eleven months) twelve to 15 hours, for toddlers (one to two years) eleven to 14 hours. At pre-school age (three to five years) the experts recommend ten to 13 hours of sleep, for school children (six to 13 years) nine to eleven hours. For teenagers, the ideal sleep duration is recommended at eight to ten hours, for adolescents (18 to 25) and adults (26 to 64) seven to nine hours. Older adults (above the age of 65) are recommended to sleep seven to eight hours.

“The National Sleep Foundation Sleep Duration Recommendations will help individuals make sleep schedules that are within a healthy range. They also serve as a useful starting point for individuals to discuss their sleep with their health care providers”, said David Cloud, Head of the National Sleep Foundation.

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