Scottish ostriches and mindful retirement.

We recently had a visit from Pam Jenkinson of 3RO who is interested to hear from you by completing the questionnaire included in her narrative which is attached below .  Seems plain good sense but ostrich farming is optional!

” Save the Scottish Ostrich – We need your help!

Earlier this week I met with Dr Rob Lawson at the fabulous Core Health facility, near Drem in East Lothian. This hidden gem has great facilities and a range of classes, including Yoga and Pilates. Prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend a visit. (

Dr Lawson and his team not only offer a thorough analysis of your current health levels but also ongoing support with how to achieve and maintain optimum health for the future. Prevention is the focus, rather than the current general UK approach of hoping someone can heal us when we become unwell.

As we talked, we pondered why Scotland still has the lowest life expectancy in Europe, and indeed why we also have the worst “healthy life” expectation. Scottish people, but especially men, are experiencing longer periods of illness in later life. Despite the constant media messages encouraging healthy lifestyles: eating well; taking regular exercise; drinking plenty of water, etc., Scotland’s health statistics have not improved. It seems as though we adopt a very “head in the sand” approach when it comes to our health.

Is it our soggy climate? Is it the dour Scottish character? Is there an economic factor? An element of laziness? Perhaps it is simply a reluctance to worry about tomorrow when we are fine today? Whatever the answer, the refusal in so many cases to get involved in planning for the future (e.g. healthy exercise and food choices, retirement planning, making a will, etc) is a costly one for our nation, our friends and our families.

Most of us spend thousands of pounds each year investing in the “stuff” we like, e.g. cars, laptops, phones, clothes, etc. What is the point of any of these without also investing in the continuing health of our minds and bodies?

So, save the Scottish Ostrich – be your own ostrich – one that is running smoothly, effortlessly and gracefully across the plains, rather than one with tail in the air and its head in the sand.

Please start by completing the short survey in the attached link:

This will help us to better serve the needs of our clients, and hopefully it will give you some time to focus on how taking control of your life will help you.

As an incentive, all 3RO Ltd services are available with a 50% discount until 1 July 2014 to anyone who returns a completed survey with their email address.”

 Pam Jenkinson 3RO Ltd

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