Resolutions 2017

optimism optimism2

Lose weight, exercise more? No. Let’s resolve to deal with causes of excessive weight and inactivity along Lifestyle Medicine principles.

1 Social inequality – let’s narrow the wealth gap, preferably voluntarily. Over to you Big Bizz for the greater good. A clear conscience does wonders for health.

2 Pick away at our obesogenic environment. Banish sugar-loaded foods to hard-to-reach supermarket shelves, buy locally grown produce, subsidise wholesome plant-based foods – starting with those living in relative poverty.

3 Local Government ups its game and recognises that it is everyday activity which prevents disability and disease.  Please make our towns, villages and countryside safe in which to walk and cycle.

4 Let’s consciously reduce our stress levels at home and our workplace. Use technology wisely and avoid becoming slaves to it.

5 A plea to medical colleagues everywhere: avoid overdiagnosis, overtreatment and avoid making people sick in pursuit of health. Instead, let’s share evidence-informed options which reflect the beliefs and the clinical context of the trusting individual(s) in front of us.

Let optimism prevail! It feels better. Have a great year!

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