PURE fresh air blows in from Canada

Not sure what the story of the moment is – possibly Vitamin D.  However, what should be a big story is the talk given by Prof Salim Yusuf, Cardiologist, on 12th February at a conference.  He reports on a 14 year study gathering data from 17 countries and 153,000 people.  The PURE – Prospective Urban and Rural Epidemiological Study.

Some (shock, horror!) outcomes to date:

All fats are protective against disease and mortality from heart attacks or strokes. The fats from olive oils and rapeseed oil, legumes and unprocessed meat are all beneficial.

 PUFA, fish, fruit and vegetables have a neutral effect

Carbohydrates are harmful – in fact the incidence of heart attacks and stroke increases as the proportion of carbohydrate consumed increases beyond 40% of energy requirements.   The WHO current advice is 70% – so needs a reset.

Salt – too much is harmful only if you suffer high blood pressure. But too little is harmful for everyone.  The range is 3-5g of salt daily.

Eggs and full fat milk are fine for health -unless you choose not to take them for other reasons.

So happy eating – and ‘ban the beige’ for healthier longevity!

Fats pic from wisemanfamilypractice.

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