Pulse Wave Analyser

I have been asked what my ‘magic’ machine was used for once it had been established it was not a karaoke machine!  So here it is.

The Pulse Wave Analyser allows a measurement of central aortic blood pressure and artery stiffness.  It also measures heart ‘health’.

It is used in leading world Medical Centres and in clinical trials as a ‘gold standard’.

 The features

  • It is non-invasive.  All you feel is slight pressure on a wrist.
  • No undressing is involved.
  • Comfortable.

 The benefits

  • Central pressure is a superior independent predictor of future cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke.
  • It provides visual evidence of the effect of lifestyle changes and drug therapies.
  • Allows assessment of vital drug effects that cannot be detected by usual blood pressure measurement.
  • Allows early identification of ‘at risk’ diabetes patients.

In view of the interest the price for undertaking this test has been re-set at a lower price of £50, will require a 30 minute appointment and is most useful in the over 40s.  No tea or coffee to be consumed within 2 hours of the appointment time please.

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