Poor sleep decreases self-control – take care with your Sgian Dubh!

Sleep and self controlWe know that sleep is important – poor sleep is a determinant of 21st century disease. A study published in “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience” suggests that poor sleep can also have a negative impact on self-control which in turn adversely affects personal and professional life. Decision making is compromised and hostility in people is increased.  When presented with conflicting desires and opportunities we make better choices and energy levels are more stable when we have better sleep habits.  To avoid impulsive desires, inattentiveness and questionable decision-making ensuring good sleep hygiene is very important. Other issues such as addictions and overspending are more easily controllable in the absence of sleep deficit.

Just as well I had a good sleep last night.  My self-control was nearly exemplary when faced with a shop assistant who refused to allow me to purchase a Sgian Dubh on behalf of a 96 year old lady for her six week old  great-grandson.  Muttering darkly that the Law is an ass I went next door and bought the same one for £10 less.  Silver lining!

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