Peace of Mind

An article has appeared in The Scotsman Magazine to reveal the Spy who underwent the Health & Wellbeing Programme (HELP).  Entitled ‘Pausing to reflect on your lifestyle with the experts who can help you stay healthy’ it appears in the beauty section and scores the Basic HELP programme 20/20. 

Can’t do better than that so what better way to celebrate than ask you to celebrate with us and offer you, at a very discounted price, a limited opportunity to judge for yourself?

Mini -HELP is £95 (reduced from £160)

Basic HELP is £260 (reduced from £360)

Premium HELP is £420 (reduced from £570)

All are comprehensive health checks but the Premium includes practical help and solutions to any issue which arises.

Please check out the content of the HELPs which can be found under the Services tab.

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