Our Approach

Our approach to your health

At Core Health, you’ll find an approach that’s built around your needs. We’ll look at the three fundamentals of your health – nutrition, activity and emotional wellbeing – with honesty and integrity to find the perfect balance for a healthier lifestyle.

Our services start with a close look at the current state of your health – where we assess your lifestyle to see where the changes could – and should – be made, helping us work together to set realistic goals for your future.

With a few changes across the three key areas, we can make a big impact on your physical and mental wellbeing – resulting in longer and better life.

The fact is that more than 98% of Scots are putting themselves at risk of all sorts of preventable diseases. Preventable is the key word. With the guidance of our team of experts, we can give you the tools for healthier living – with the understanding you need to make smart choices in your lifestyle.

Whether you’re fit and well, or you suffer from a condition or disease, we can help you find a long-term approach for a longer-term life.

Some of our customers refer to a ‘MOT’ for humans – yes we do that but crucially we offer maintenance too.  Risk assessment is normal in business and even in domestic life but do we do it on our own health?   At Core Health we think we should.

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