More on Brain Health

Healthy BrainDo you remember the Healthy Brains post? From the same source at the Cleveland Clinic in the US a couple of pointers. Firstly, a diet high in fat may be bad for the brain. The inflammation caused by the saturated fat intake which is excess to our needs causes destruction of the joints between the brain nerve cells. The good news is that by reverting to lower fat levels there is brain cell recovery. Great news at this time of year!
Secondly, a reminder of what we know – sound sleep habits are a key to good health. A person getting enough sleep is more likely to have the energy to be active and engaged and make wise diet and other lifestyle choices. From the beginning – night brought an inpenetrable darkness that signalled the body that it was time to rest. Today’s technology gives us an unending stream of information and entertainment delivered via screens of smart phones, computers, tablets and TVs. High exposure to the light emitted disrupts the normal circadian rhythm that acts as the body’s sleep clock.
In the New Year watch out for a Core Health initiative to help poor sleepers (insomnia) into a better sleep pattern! And great health.
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