Meningitis B vaccine

Meningitis B is the leading cause of bacterial meningitis and septicaemia in the UK.  It kills more children under 5 years of age than any other infection.  The vaccine can be given from the age of 2 months onwards to kids and grown-ups.  The NHS has decided not to include it in their vaccination programme on cost-effectiveness grounds.  Each vaccine, of which between 2 and 4 may be required, is expensive.  If you are interested in receiving this immunisation please get in touch because we now have a source and know roughly that the price will be around £85 per vaccine.  We suspect the price is likely to rise once initial stock gets moving.  We are in the business of championing prevention and we know that vaccination in general  is a rare, real success story so we are delighted to be able to offer this.

T:01620 842004.

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