Important New Service – Personalised Nutrition

Delighted to announce nutrigenomic DNA testing (saliva) for specific nutrition-related genetic markers. The test analyses variations in seven genes that modify an individual’s response to seven key components of the diet.  The accuracy is 99.7-100%.

An 8th has been added – gluten intolerance.

The benefit following the dietary recommendations based on the results of the genetic test has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote optimal health.

What is included?

1 Sodium – and risk of high blood pressure

2 Folate – and risk of low blood levels

3 Omega 3 fat – and risk of elevated triglyceride levels

4 Saturated Fat – and risk of developing obesity

5 Vitamin C – and risk of low blood levels

6 Whole Grains – and risk of type 2 Diabetes

7 Caffeine – and risk of heart disease

8 Gluten – low, medium or high risk of gluten intolerance.

You will receive a comprehensive personalised nutrition report about 4-6 weeks after sampling.

This is an exciting development which can influence your eating behaviour and thus prevent disease.

Onward referral to a State Registered Dietitian or a naturopathic Nutritionist is an option.

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