Happy (fit) New Year







Happy New Year! The media makes a meal of our health resolutions at this time of year.  Naturally, such resolution is better exercised all year round but we do struggle a bit.  It has been announced that we now have 4 million diabetes sufferers in the UK. This is a whopping 65% increase in 10 years. Since it has been postulated that 80% of type 2 Diabetes is preventable then maybe we ought to struggle a little harder to delay premature disability and death.  Maybe we might actually enjoy being fitter too. A group of researchers in Sheffield were on the news this morning. It has received a grant to look into the effect of exercise training as an effective part of treatment for prostate cancer.  With incredulity in his voice the presenter asked that surely exercise would not reverse cancer?  The welcome response from the researcher was ‘why not?’ – there was ample evidence already to suggest it would.

To that end I have taken a look at the Which best buys for wearable ‘fitness trainers’ (as opposed to smart watches) the prices of which vary from £29.99 to £65. My personal choice and that of many others is a member of the Fitbit family which seems to be very reliable and accurate.  Wearing such gadgets is a very good motivator to keep on the move at every opportunity.

Here is their take:

Fitbit One – Excellent accuracy, good for calorie and distance counting, very small and discrete with easy to use tracking app. Has an altimeter to track flights of stairs. It is not waterproof.

Jawbone UP24 – accurate, easy to use and wear. No screen, not waterproof.

LG Lifeband Touch – good accuracy, displays messages for paired phone. Limited goal-setting and no sleep tracking or alarms.

Have fun! All year long.

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