Fraudster news and PPIs

A hybrid post – one information update and the other a new warning from a German study.

The Police have taken all the details I have gleaned about the scam relating to a supposed anti-wrinkle cream emanating from CORE HEALTH.  I have traced one of the rogue websites to Canada.  I also note that a dormant company name belonging to me has also been used.  It seems these scamsters can operate with impunity robbing innocent people and bringing reputable businesses into disrepute.  The message appears to be avoid Facebook ads like the plague.

On another matter – a German study published in JAMA Neurology is implicating PPIs which are drugs used extensively for stomach disorders, in increased risk (1.4 times) of developing dementia.  The older you are the more likely it is (unsurprisingly).  Scarily it also claims 70% of folk are being prescribed them inappropriately. Omeprazole and Lansoprazole are two used in this country.  Worth finding out about dt_160128_brain_neurons_800x600safer potential options!

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