Food Poison and Plastic Brains

Credit Dafne Lunghi Art NeuroplasticityDon’t be lazy! An interesting article about our brains – picked up from ‘Current Biology’ jounal. Exercise enhances brain plasticity in the visual cortex (a good thing for us all as we age) but seemingly also for people with a lazy eye or Traumatic Brain Injury. The Author has a talented family member (Dafne Lunghi Art) to provide the pic.

On another matter – the top 4 Food poisons (the non-infectious kind) are apparently 1) Cyanide in cassava tubers, consumed mainly in Africa, 2) Peanuts (1.8% of the population is allergic) 3) Oflatoxin which is produced by fungi and can occur in foods, such as groundnuts, treenuts, maize, rice, figs and other dried foods, spices and crude vegetable oils, and cocoa beans, as a result of fungal contamination before and after harvest and lastly
4) Dioxin found in meat and dairy products and shellfish and which by accumulating interferes with body endocrine systems causing thryoid disorder and decreased sperm count.
Now I must go out for a walk and make my brain more plastic!

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