Diabetes is reversible – take control back

A GP colleague has described our treatment of Type 2 Diabetes as ‘criminal’. What this GP is expressing is the deep frustration at the prevailing advice on the dietary approach to diabetes which completely ignores the blindingly obvious. If you have T2D you have too much insulin in the system due to your tissues (especially fat cells) being resistant to its effects. Constantly pumping out insulin to deal with the sugar loads arriving in our stomach takes its toll and causes low grade inflammation in the arteries – which become damaged leading to the secondary effects many will know about. It includes losing vision, increased likelihood of a heart attack or even losing a limb. So by reducing the hormone insulin you prevent all of these happening – as well as getting all that fat off. Carbohydrates are essentially sugar so by reducing them you reduce insulin levels (and sugar levels in the blood). The impact of a low carbohydrate approach is huge. Diabetes has been reversed, weight is reduced and if it mattered – cholesterol levels drop. More and more people, and shamefully some youngsters, are developing what most people seem to believe is a progressive disease. It isn’t – if you pay attention to what you eat and adapt your lifestyle.

The GP concerned has many patients who have reversed their disease and found a new lease of life into the bargain. The NHS should be pleased – thousands of pounds worth of pills and injections have been stopped. And yet the same old (wrong) advice is being trotted out. Incidentally, fat does not cause a rise in insulin levels.
So if I was suffering T2D I would be joining the 160,991 folk signed up to the Low Carb Programme on…
Worth a look. And as you might have guessed – I am coming round to believing the evidence that a low carbohydrate, medium protein and high (mainly plant) fat meal structure is a sensible disease prevention strategy – as well as tasting great.
Wishing you long health.

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