Core Health brings balance to Scottish Lifestyles

From a quiet corner of East Lothian, a revolution in healthcare is coming to Scotland. It is no miracle cure, nor a hi-tech laboratory – though the effects are impressive and the methods cutting edge. Instead, the revolution is in the approach to health, called Lifestyle Medicine. And the revolutionaries are called Core Health.

Based near Drem, Core Health brings together tried, trusted and evidence-based medical method and healthy living disciplines into one coordinated approach. By looking at the three key aspects of an individual’s lifestyle – their medical care, their nutrition and their physical activity – the team can make radical differences to their long-term health.

While it is new to Scotland, Lifestyle Medicine is a popular approach in some other countries – like Australia, America and France.

As Core Health’s Clinical Director, Dr Rob Lawson, explains: “the results we can achieve are extraordinary, but it’s common sense for an experienced GP like me. The difference here is not just in our approach, though – it’s in our purpose. All too often, being a doctor is about treating patients once it’s too late. Instead, we’re here to support and build health, not to treat illness.”

“For people living with a health condition, that means extending and improving life. For people who just want to feel better, it means the guidance they need to live better. But regardless of what age or physical condition, we can help anyone find a healthier, happier life.”


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