Cookery Demo – Themed evenings

Themed cooking demonstration number 1, with Luis Letelier Lobos, is a Sushi evening  28th Feb at 7pm in the Eatery at Core Health. Includes Japanese wine and hands-on creativity from the effervescent Luis.

The next themed evenings will include Spanish, Italian, French and South American food.  Please get in touch to book so we can confirm numbers with Luis. 01620 842004.

Thinking of things Spanish….. researchers in Spain showed a strong link between “junk food” and cognitive deficits. In the study of nearly 9000 adults, participants whose diets involved the consistent intake of fast food were as much as 40% more likely to develop depression than those who did not consume fast food, with the risk for depression increasing along with the amount of fast food consumed ( Public Health Nutr, 2012;15:424-432). The increased risk for depression was also seen among those who consumed higher amounts of baked goods, including croissants and doughnuts.  Hmm – the feel good factor does not last then!

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