Close to home

What happens to our relatives hits home – and rightly our behaviour may be affected.  I have two toddler grandchildren growing up in the iPad age – and a young niece who has developed colorectal cancer (CRC).

Touchscreen technology usage in toddlers (aged 12-36months) – a recent paper form Irish researchers. By the age of 25months 33% of toddlers can swipe, unlock, look for and then use touchscreen features. So far so good but what are the potential associated dangers? As usual Science cannot be sure about anything but 15 mins a day seems to be the consensus safe exposure time to electromagnetic radiation.  There is a later effect possible too – inactivity and obesity.  A new diagnosis of Internet Addiction is being proposed – with similarities to alcohol and nicotine addiction. And friends becoming virtual with disengagement from the environment.  Hey ho. That’s progress.

Colorectal cancer in young people (under 50yrs) is increasing at an ‘incredible rate’ according to a Report of a US Symposium of specialists. Mortality is higher too. And 75% do not have a family history.  No-one knows why but here are some theories.

Obesity rates are up.

Increased ingestion of sweet beverages.

Decreased consumption of milk (not enough protective calcium).

Meanwhile, some research areas are opening up in the right places – in my opinion. So we need to look at variations in the gut microbiome, environmental toxins, changing patterns in the use of statins and antibiotics in the last few decades.  Somewhere in there lurks an answer.  As ever – why not just encourage a healthy lifestyle and avoid unnecessary risk?



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