Catalyst crushed …and other vignettes

Despite considerable admiration I do have sympathy for Dr Malcolm Kendrick.  Find out what you think by checking out his blog about the crushing of Catalyst. The Statin debate is one-sided and deserves much better.  It has come to represent all that is not so healthy about drugs, research, drug companies and the medics who are in their thrall.  Not to mention the gullible media.  Patients are mere pawns.  Time to be more questioning about what you are being asked to swallow and what might be the often better options.

Another author, in the US this time, Dr Art Caplan, from the Division of Medical Ethics at the New York University Langone Medical Center in New York states that it is not genes which make us fat – merely how much we eat in lands of plenty.  Controversial!  He took a 13 mile trip and counted 19 fast food outlets along the way.  More than the usual pub crawl for some.  He refers to the Cambridge study which tells us that folk who follow a certain route to work and back are fatter and have a higher incidence of diabetes.  This route happens to be fast-food-outlet dense.

Finally and rather sadly it appears that people like Dr Kendrick and myself are more likely to suffer from dementia.  A study ‘proves’ it.  Being cynical is bad for us.  Not sure how cynical one has to be. Maybe if we have a cynical-free day a week we might stave it off for a while. Or we could maybe mitigate our risk by eating sensibly, taking regular exercise and paying attention to other unhealthy behaviours.

Science cannot be seen (the data anyway) to be believed anymore.  The first question I ask myself when a study comes out is who funded it.  There will be a vested interest in there somewhere. Cynical? Me?  The final truth – we don’t live forever.  Enjoy it healthily while you can.

Meanwhile also enjoy a day out at Cockenzie House and other venues of the Three Harbours Festival.  A cracking programme and the weather is set fair.  Good fish shops all around too!


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