Antibiotic Apocalypse

“Antibiotics Apocalypse” – Can we protect our health?
BBC headlines have reminded us that inappropriate or overuse of antibiotics has allowed antibiotic resistant infections to flourish to the extent that a routine hospital visit could result in deadly, incurable infection.
One of CORE HEALTH’s service providers has sent this post in for consideration. Incidentally, yogurt is a ‘probiotic’ ofProbiotics sorts and helpful as part of a usual diet – especially when travelling abroad and when trying to protect your bowel health! However, supplements at a higher dose of probiotics may occasionally be helpful in clinical conditions.
The good news is that some excellent probiotic trials give us hope that we can counteract this ‘apocalypse’ scenario. A clinical trial following 155 hospital patients found that daily supplementation with some probiotic strains alongside antibiotics significantly reduced the number of antibiotic resistant strains by more than 70% compared to the placebo group.
This simple strategy could help to ensure that antibiotics remain effective in emergencies when they are genuinely required. Another study, following 138 patients using antibiotics found the incidence of C. difficile associated diarrhoea (one of the most common hospital acquired infections) was significantly reduced in the group using specific probiotics.
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