Another quote in support of CORE HEALTH

“The importance of Lifestyle Medicine as a developing specialty in the 21st century cannot be underestimated so I am delighted to endorse Dr Rob Lawson’s CORE HEALTH innovative approachunderway in Scotland.

Modern diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers are all preventable through careful attention to environmental, social and behavioural issues.  Self-management of lifestyle risk factors, with professional help, is the way ahead to avert the looming global disease burden.

 I wish the CORE HEALTH team every success and commend you to test it out at the Lifestyle Medicine Centre in East Lothian”.

 Garry Egger AM MPH PhD

 Director, Centre for Health Promotion and Research, Sydney, Australia.

 Professor, Lifestyle Medicine and Applied Health Promotion, Southern Cross University, Lismore NSW Australia

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