A digital revolution in health care is speeding up.

This Economist article is worth a read. It ends with the comment:

“Amid such talk it is worth remembering that the biggest winners from digital health care will be the patients who receive better treatment, and those who avoid becoming patients at all”.

If selling products based on patient (person) outcomes is the goal then who would gainsay it? With Pharmaceutical companies, the NHS and the AGA companies (Amazon, Google, Apple) all pushing into this field I guess we all have to be aware.  Experience suggests that the speed of digital ‘progress’ is greater than the capacity of evidenced research which wallows in its wake.  I have to admit that taking control of our own healthy records is one outcome with which I would personally feel comfortable.  The issue of how to use the data is another problem but its importance is overblown.  Shared Electronic Health Records could be a game-changer.  Ordinary folk may not be  as precious about their ‘confidential’ health records as we doctors believe.

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