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A few small lifestyle changes can quickly add up to a huge positive impact on your health, adding years to your life. It’s all in the balance.

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Welcome to CORE HEALTH

At Core Health we believe you deserve to live a longer, fuller and happier life and the CORE HEALTH Network is here to help.

The private medical bit is now operational at Cockenzie House and Gardens, East Lothian. It is a lovely destination, has regular  exhibitions and has its own cafe. (Falko’s Secret Garden is due to open at the end of March 2015)


Please do visit from time to time for updates and check the news blog with its important lifestyle research information.  Lifestyle Medicine is on the march but may take a little while longer to take root – and my efforts will continue in promoting its benefits.

Many thanks to all Core Health supporters, service providers and above all to the 540 clients on the clinic database.  The  network team hopes to see you again soon.


Dr Rob Lawson FRCGP

Please do contact me at for information or if I can help you develop a wellness programme for example.

Our business is helping you to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH DESTINY.

We bring together a wide range of professional services into one dedicated approach designed to protect your health – not simply to treat problems.

We can help you live with a condition – managing its symptoms and effects, but we’d rather help you live without any condition, creating the kind of lifestyle that reduces risk of illness and disease – and keeps you fit for life and work.

Contact us and we’ll take a closer look into every facet of your physical and mental health to develop an approach that’s completely tailored to you. With the expert advice and guidance our team offers, we can help you live longer, stronger and happier.  If you would rather just see one of the team then that’s fine too – we can even help you with general medical problems.

It’s that simple. Welcome to Core Health.

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